Graphic Design Class Exercise 6 – Using and Creating Imagery

I partially created this imagery (the photo wasn’t mine). The image was a photo, owned by someone else. The emotional tone conveyed by the imagery is a nostalgic one, for days riding on the bus. The hierarchy dictates that the text “No need to think” comes first, followed by “Ride the Hudsonlink”, then the photo of the bus.

Graphic Design Class Exercise 5 – Typography

The type used here is sans serif. I would classify the alignment as centered, the tracking as kind of wide but not excessively so, and the leading as also a little wide, to allow clearance for the Hudson Link Logo. The hierarchy of the type sees “Save The Planet” as catching the eye first, due to the bold typeface. The texture of this typography is rather smooth, due to the fact that this is a sans-serif typeface.

Graphic Design Class Exercise 4: Color

The reason why I’m showing this image is because of the saturation of the green and blue hues. The hues I see are analogous, cool hues, mainly blue and green. The use of value is extended to the green land and the blue sky above it, which are different values and create a nice contrast. The contrast between the blue sky, the green land, and the blue water allow for the separation of elements in the picture.