Graphic Design Class – Exercise 8: Context and Production

If I would be converting this video to print, I would do one of five things: I would print each different frame (not including the transition frames) on a separate piece of papers and hang them up on a grid on a wall with tac; I could print each frame on the same big poster,Continue reading “Graphic Design Class – Exercise 8: Context and Production”

Graphic Design Class Exercise 7 – Layout and Arrangement

The grid that I have used for this poster is a constructional grid. I also created on the hands as a metaphor for helping or volunteering. The scale of the hands on the bottom of the poster help guide the viewer to the metaphor for helping or volunteering. The colors of the poste guide theContinue reading “Graphic Design Class Exercise 7 – Layout and Arrangement”

Graphic Design Class Exercise 6 – Using and Creating Imagery

I partially created this imagery (the photo wasn’t mine). The image was a photo, owned by someone else. The emotional tone conveyed by the imagery is a nostalgic one, for days riding on the bus. The hierarchy dictates that the text “No need to think” comes first, followed by “Ride the Hudsonlink”, then the photoContinue reading “Graphic Design Class Exercise 6 – Using and Creating Imagery”

Graphic Design Class Exercise 5 – Typography

The type used here is sans serif. I would classify the alignment as centered, the tracking as kind of wide but not excessively so, and the leading as also a little wide, to allow clearance for the Hudson Link Logo. The hierarchy of the type sees “Save The Planet” as catching the eye first, dueContinue reading “Graphic Design Class Exercise 5 – Typography”

Graphic Design Class: Exercise 3

The elements at work in my app design are shape and line. The figure ground relationship I’m using is using contrast in sharpness. I also used repetition in my apps with repeating the same shapes and colors. In this case, the visual hierarchy was created by using contrasting colors, like the white text on theContinue reading “Graphic Design Class: Exercise 3”